Bobbi Blu

Ever since I started drawing looking at my mother's paintings around the age of four, I have enjoyed the pure aesthetic pleasure of art. I became serious about my own art when I was in middle school. The subjects of my artwork are scenery, stories, thoughts, culture, and people that I enjoy looking at and thinking about. The process of creating art helps me look past my own personal hardships, and helps me to de-stress and refresh, taking a more overall, positive view.

I am very drawn to the work of Michelangelo who was a sculptor, painter, architect, poet and engineer. His opinion was that art originates from inner inspiration and from culture. His art work is very beautiful and idealistic. He expresses an evident love for the human form in his drawings and sculptures.

Art is created as a personal expression to be seen by others. I create art to portray the way I see the world, my thoughts, and my imagination in a physical form that can be viewed and enjoyed. I am inspired by the beauty of the world around me and fascinated by God's creation. Every person is unique, every tree and bush is different. No two clouds are exactly alike. Every one sees and perceives their environment and others differently, and I have the privilege to present my view to the world.

I work with many different mediums. I don't want to be pigeonholed as merely a painter or a print maker, but I want to be able to express my ideas in as many ways as possible. I am visually attracted to the beauty of light and color, which is a reoccurring theme in my work. I work with watercolor, acrylic, tempera, ceramics, pen and ink, charcoal, chalk, pencil, prints, leather, and photography. I am still growing as an artist, and my work is still evolving, and I am excited to try new things and learn new techniques.

A lot of art work created is emotionally and psychologically dark and comments on the destructive side of life. It is my desire to create uplifting art. There is enough pain, suffering and hardship in this world, and I don't see the point in creating more. My goal for my art is that it will be enjoyable and pleasing for people to view.